NY: Bellevue doctors are so overwhelmed with Ebola cases they are transferring ICU patients to nearby hospital

(Bellevue Hospital, New York City)

Doctors at Bellevue Hospital are so busy caring for Ebola patient Dr Craig Spencer that they have begun transferring patients out of the intensive care unit to nearby NYU Langone Medical Center.

Bellevue, one of the the most respected hospitals in the nation, is treating its first ever case of Ebola after Dr Craig Spencer arrived at the hospital last week with symptoms of the disease.

Until Monday night, doctors were also concerned that Bronx boy who has recently been to Africa also had Ebola. He was isolated and treated with the same level of protection as if the disease was confirmed.

Ebola tests came back negative and doctors are now saying that he is likely suffering from a respiratory infection.

The hospital sent two adult ICU patients to NYU Langone over the weekend and staff are preparing to send two children in the ICU to the hospital, as well, WCBS-TV reports.

A spokesman said the transfers are meant to free up staff so that they can concentrate on caring for Dr Spencer, who is listed in serious conditions as he fights the deadly disease…