Archbishop of Canterbury condemns politicians who view invasion, I mean immigration, as a ‘deep menace’

The Archbishop of Canterbury has condemned politicians who speak of immigration as a “deep menace” which will “overwhelm” the country for voicing un-Christian and un-British rhetoric.

Mr Fallon, who was slapped down by Downing Street, said he had been “a little careless” in his language.

The Archbishop, whose grandfather came to Britain as a German Jew, said clergy across the country are reporting an upsurge in “frightening” racist language in their communities.

While refusing to comment on Mr Fallon’s remarks directly, the Archbishop said it was wrong to view immigration as “something that is somehow going to overwhelm” Britain.

He said the country needed a prudent but generous immigration policy but that he worries deeply about the tone adopted in the political debate towards immigrants…

“…[W]hat we are seeing is an upsurge in minor racist anti-Semitic, anti-Islamic, anti-foreigner, xenophobic …comments being made, things being said, which are for people who come from those backgrounds seriously uncomfortable and really quite frightening”…

People are increasingly unhappy with increasing numbers of immigrants — especially those from incompatible Muslim societies: They only solution — clearly — is even more immigrants. To be anti-immigrant is unacceptable and must be beaten out of those opposed to it.  This applies even if the objections are in simply about sheer volume of newcomers and the problems with absorbing them in such a small country.