Shi’ite event coming up: 7,000 cops deployed in Peshawar

The gate of Qissa Khwani Bazaar, Peshawar, has been closed to traffic with the start of Muharram.

PESHAWAR: About 7,000 personnel of different law enforcement agencies will remain on duty to maintain peace during Muharram in the provincial metropolis.

They have been directed strictly to keep their security cards with them to avoid any misunderstanding. Of the total law enforcers, some 6,000 will be police personnel, who would be monitored from three different command posts located at various sensitive areas to avert any untoward incident. The security forces will also remain standby to give backup to police in case of any problem.

According to an official source, the administration has also cancelled licences of four Imambargah to hold mourning processions. About 121 processions will be taken out from the remaining 57 Imambargah in Peshawar during the first 10 days of Muharram.

Similarly, journalists and members of rescue organisations have been issued security cards to avoid complications. The Afghan nationals would remain confined to their camps during Muharram.

“The hotels and restaurants located in sensitive areas and near the routes of Muharram processions have already been closed to check movement of suspected people in the city. The shops will also remain closed during the processions,” an official said.

About the closure of link roads and restrictions on dwellers of different areas in the city, the official said that it was a compulsion because any miscreant could take advantage of the relaxation. The roads and streets would remain closed in the areas of processions, he added.

The text messages about possible attacks on 10 prominent people, the official said, created unrest and security had to be kept on red alert round the clock…

Must be the Religion of Peace!