Ottawa shooting: Idrisa Pandit is tired of apologizing for being Muslim

Idrisa Pandit is a professor of Islamic studies at the University of Waterloo.

Idrisa Pandit watched with horror last Wednesday as the news unfolded that Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was gunned down at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, and his shooter, Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, 32, was later fatally shot.

The life of Zehaf-Bibeau has been under a microscope ever since. Pandit, a professor of Islamic Studies the University of Waterloo, said it didn’t take long for his religion to be dragged into the media storm.

“I’m not surprised…you know somehow they have to always find the whole faith by itself as a culprit for some lone insane individual’s act,” Pandit told Craig Norris in a Friday interview on The Morning Edition…