Milli Gazette: The truth about why Indian Muslims aren’t ‘radicalized’

Normally I would not bother reading this site — it blatantly apologist. But sometimes it helps to see how the ‘other side’ is thinking. It turns out that the writer hates the West bitterly and accuses it of causing all the Muslims’s problems, up to and including a deliberate role in creating and arming ISIS:

…[A]nalysts are discussing the issue based on the Western mindset and their theories of violence. They are talking of Indian Muslims not getting “radicalized” as if the whole of the rest of the Muslim World is radicalized. The truth on the contrary is that even from Western points of view, which views violence as bad only if it is targeted against the West, the overwhelming majority of the Muslim countries and the overwhelming global Muslim population have not engaged in violence despite severe provocation from the forces of the globalization led by the West…

It can be easily seen that terrorism in Muslim countries is born out of anger against the West, which has continuously tried to keep its puppets in power in those countries against the wishes of the people. Terrorism has obviously been directly proportional to the Western involvement. This is true for Afghanistan, Pakistan and most Arab countries. Moreover, all the major “terrorist outfits” have been the friends of the West in the past. Al-Qaedah was a close friend when it was fighting the Russians along with Talibans.

ISIS too was a friend till it was fighting the Syrian government. Where from did ISIS get its heavy weaponry? Of course, most of it came from West or Western allies in the region. If even now, America is not launching a full-fledged onslaught on ISIS, it is simply because ISIS is expected to put pressure on Syrian regime. Till Syrian regime does not wilt under ISIS pressure, ISIS will remain a friendly enemy.

If Indian Muslims have not radicalized, it is chiefly because India has remained free of Western intervention, and Indian polity, despite its recurrent communal ups and downs, has largely remained plural in nature. If Indian Muslims ever get radicalized, it will be due to Indian issues and not the ones that interest West.

This is apparently what passes for ‘intelligent’ thinking in the Muslim world. Heaven help us.  The article has Disqus commenting and has received several negative reviews.

But he may be reflecting how the average man on the street thinks.  In that case, any intervention at all should be avoided.  We cannot cure them of crackpottery.  I wonder where he lives?  I bet he lives somewhere in the West himself.  Time to add ‘Decline & Fall’ to the tags.