McGill International Review: Is the Media to Blame for Islamophobia?

Today, not only is Western media guilty of shedding negative light on Islam, but so is the propaganda of Islamic fundamentalist groups like ISIS. We have all seen videos of or heard many Muslims trying to explain that the actions of these minority fundamentalist groups are not reflective of the community of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.

Yet, it is those very people who feel the need to justify their religious beliefs, as they increasingly seem to face anti-Islamic sentiment living in the West, whilst simultaneously the image of Islam becomes increasingly tarnished in the media.

Ever since ISIS’s rise in the news, Muslims, especially women, have been increasingly subject to harassment in the West. In Perth, a women said she was “scared to leave the house” after back-to-back assaults occurred, including cars and mosques being vandalized with anti-Muslim messages and a man who “tried to rip the scarf off a women’s head”. She admitted that after hearing these incidents, she refrained from frequently leaving her house and when she did, she wouldn’t wear the veil. A women who owns an Islamic clothing shop in the UK said she fears for her own and her son’s safety, after she found her car with the tires slashed and a message scrawled accords the window saying “go back home”, and after her son had his Islamic school uniform ripped off on the bus…

…Statistically, Islamophobia is also increasing over the years. A study in the U.K, Germany, and France found that Muslims were the “least desirable” religious group people wanted to have as neighbors [4]. In the US, positive attitudes towards Islam declined from 35% in 2010, to 27% in 2014.

According to the BBC, anti-Muslim hate crime has increased in the UK by 65% from last year. In Canada, 54% of the population holds an “unfavourable view” of Islam, a figure that rises to 69% in Quebec. With statistics like these and the rise of anti-Muslim assaults, it’s no wonder why many Muslims feel the need to explain to the greater society that ISIS and other fundamentalist groups are not reflective of their religion…

No, it’s not the media, you fools. Try looking directly in front of you. Whatever became of commons sense? This is a university publication. The writing sounds university level but the ideas show zero thinking.