Canada: Attackers ‘hijacked our religion,’ say Imams

The Islamic Center of Quebec in Ville Saint Laurent was the first mosque built in Quebec. Over the years, the mosque has become a cornerstone of the Muslim community. It’s struggling to meet the demands of the growing community due to lack of space.

MONTREAL – The Ahmadi Muslim Community in Montreal held a news conference Sunday denouncing the attacks of the previous week, and called for closer vetting of converts.

“It’s very important to go through a process,” said Ishaq Fonseca, an imam.

Fonseca himself is a convert, having adopted the religion about 20 years ago.

“When someone comes to you and says ‘I want to join the community,’ we have to be honest with them and explain what their getting into,” he said.

Questions continue to surface about the backgrounds of the two attackers, something the Ahmadi Muslim community points to as a greater concern than the religion the two men shared.

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau “took the religion by hijack,” Fonseca said…

How cheering to read about our exploding Muslim population and their mosque space problems!