At least seven killed in attack on Afghanistan court

Afghan security officials take position outside the building of a local attorney general in Kunduz, Afghanistan, on Monday. EPA/Nasir Waqif

(Reuters) – At least seven people were killed in Afghanistan on Monday when a group of Taliban militants attacked a court in the northern city of Kunduz, officials and police said.

Kunduz has long been a relatively peaceful city compared to other Afghan towns but in recent months the Taliban have been gaining ground across the province, taking advantage of a security gap left by the withdrawing NATO-led forces.

A suicide bomber detonated his car loaded with explosives at the main gate of an appeals court and three more fighters entered the building, engaging in a protracted gun battle with security forces, one local official said.

Sayed Sarwar Hussaini, a spokesman for the Kunduz police chief, said seven people had been killed and 10 wounded in the attack…