Towns in the UK are ‘swamped’ by EU migrants, Cabinet minister warns

Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, says that communities in the UK are “under siege” from European Union migrants as he says the Tories will unveil a series of policies to “restrain” the number of foreign workers in Britain

Communities in Britain are being “swamped” by immigrant workers, Michael Fallon has said, as he confirmed that the Government will announce plans to restrict the number of foreigners coming to the UK.

Mr Fallon, the Defence Secretary, warned that towns in Britain are “under siege” from workers from the European Union.

His comments came as he dismissed comments by Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, who warned she will not allow Britain to “tamper” with freedom of movement laws.

However, in a sign of the growing split in the Conservative Party over immigration, Mr Fallon’s comments were immediately undermined by Liz Truss, the Environment Minister, who said that foreign workers are needed to ensure that Britain’s farming industry remains competitive.

Mr Fallon’s warnings over the consequences of unrestricted immigration from the European Union comes ahead of the by-election in Rochester and Strood, which the Tories face losing to the UK Independence Party.

David Cameron has pledged to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with the EU before holding an in-out referendum in 2017.

The Prime Minister earlier this month said that freedom of movement rules would be “at the very heart of my renegotiation strategy”…

Even if these migrants are other Europeans who may assimilate easily, there are only so many migrants a small country like the UK can absorb, without stressing infrastructure, medical services and so on. I assume that it what they mean. I even notice it in Victoria. It is almost impossible to find a GP, for example.

Interesting that the UK remains such a magnet. Maybe there is something about the much-criticized ‘Anglo-Saxon capitalism’ that even after the crash of 2008 seems to be working, at least in comparison with more-regulated nations like Germany and France.

I am just guessing here, but I assume that most of the EU migrants are from post-Communist countries and are simply looking for work, and there is more of it in the UK than in Germany or France.