Skidmore College Professor Mary Zeiss Stange Cautions: “Beware Christian Extremists”


How idiots like her manage to keep their jobs is beyond me, other than her department and school are so damn politicized that she can say ANYTHING as long as it stays within the bounds of leftist thought and she “hates the right people”.

Here is a summary of her nonsensical article.

1.  “…factor OUT the Islamists…, and a striking pattern emerges. Contrary to the popular opinion that radical Islam is the primary threat to homeland security, Christianity provides the other four groups with their extremist rationale”

Yes, because  after I factor out the leading cause of some effect from the stats, and then conflate EVEYONE ELSE into the grouping of my favorite bogyman, I can make the case for anything.

2. “Racism!” – Because I guess Christians invented that too.

3. “Aryan, skinhead and neo-Nazi who construct their ideology from the Christian Identity toolbox.” – Uhhh… yeah!

4. …And so do the anarchists! – Especially the atheists ones.

5. …And so do all of the recognized non-Christian terrorists like Tim McVeigh, Anders Breivik, and Wade Michael Page. Just “factor-out” that NONE of these people have professed any Christians beliefs or were members of any church, EVER.

6. Bundy Ranch standoff!!! I seemed to have missed the mountain of dead bodies left in the wake of that one. Oh yeah, nobody was hurt or killed there, that’s why!

I am unaware of ANY Christian churches advocating a murderous “jihad” against non-Christians, but she seems to believe that all do.

Observant Christians do not commit terror attacks, but observant Muslims most certainly do!