Leave Islam alone! ‘Distorted statistics can foment hatred’

Wednesday morning, a man with a gun killed a soldier on ceremonial duty at the national cenotaph in Ottawa. Minutes later, the man ran into the Parliament buildings, where, in a flurry of gunshots, he died.

A recording by a Globe and Mail reporter caught the gunfire. It was over in seconds. But the sounds echoed through Parliament’s old stone hallways much longer. Echoes do that…

…the day before the Ottawa attack, I received an email that seemed to anticipate events. It listed 16 violent acts, from the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 1968, through both bombings of the World Trade Centre, to the bombing at the Boston Marathon last year. All committed by Muslim males.

I suspect that email had circulated on the Internet for some time, because it didn’t include the ritual beheadings in Iraq.

The unidentified writer — like the assassins in the desert, such persons prefer to hide behind the balaclava of anonymity — thought his litany justified racial profiling. To solve the problem; go after young male Muslims.

Statistics can be so easily distorted to suit one’s own prejudices.

One could equally argue that 80 per cent of all U.S. murders, about 12,000 a year, are committed by Christians. That 100 per cent of institutional torture in the U.S. was done by federal employees. Would those statistics justify surveillance of all Christians? Monitoring all federal employees?

The writer of the anti-Muslim email also chose not to mention 190 incidents of violence during the 1990s by right-wing militias like Timothy McVeigh’s. Or that lynch mobs such as the Ku Klux Klan were 100 per cent non-Muslim…

I have never suggested that Islam is the only violent movement that has ever existed — the other day I mentioned Anarchism and Communism (the above writer gives those a pass). Clearly we are a violent species. No argument there.

The problem is that Islam gives violence a religious sanctification. No other major religion does this. And therein lies the problem. Certainly Communism in its day killed millions — a fact still rather glossed over by the leftist MSM. But Communism was a secular idea and historically seems to have been a flash in the pan.

But Islam has some 1.5 billion followers and is not at all shy of expressing its desire to take over the entire planet. Islam alone cannot make a decent person violent, but it sure can attract violent crazies who convert.

As to the ‘distorted statistics’ there is one point the writer is not noticing. There are relatively very few Muslims living in Canada and the USA (less than 5%). So of course the majority of crimes are carried out by (nominal) Christians. The writer is also dragging in the Ku Klux Klan, which may have been historically important but is rather marginal at the present.

The only way to get statistics that are not distorted is to look at the entire world, and to look at the present day. The chart at the top of this post shows how Muslims dominated the list of non-state armed groups in 2013. Unfortunately for the left, the Communists are holding a nice second place, even after the fall of the Soviet Union. The chart comes from “IHS Jane’s 2013 Global Terrorism & Insurgency Attack Index”