Jihad Watch: Amid jihad murders in Canada, USA Today says Christian “religious extremism” is “primary threat to homeland security”

This USA Today piece by Mary Zeiss Stange, a professor of religion at Skidmore College, is patently absurd, but it is also absolutely unsurprising. Professor Stange, a hunter, has bagged the wrong deer, but it’s the only deer that those who employ her and publish her work care about.

The mainstream media has a maniacal focus on absolving Islam for all responsibility for the atrocities committed in its name and in accord with its texts and teachings, and a concomitant fanatical commitment to highlighting the evils of “Christian extremism.”

Yet as ridiculous as all this is, the media marches in absolute lockstep on these issues. No one ever breaks ranks…

Be sure you stay safe if travelling in Amish country. I have heard they can be pretty dangerous.