Grateful for US strikes, Syrian Kurds name baby ‘Obama’

Syrian Kurdish civilians cross the border into Turkey

Suruc (Turkey) (AFP) – Sultan Muslim, a Syrian Kurd, had no doubt what to name her seventh child when he was born, safely in Turkey, after a harrowing month-long flight from her home in Kobane: Obama.

Desperate to flee the flashpoint Syrian border town, the heavily pregnant mother, her husband and six other children made it across the frontier just in time for the boy’s arrival.

Islamic State (IS) jihadists, accused of widespread atrocities, seized control of the strategic locality and US-led bombing raids launched in the last few weeks have tried to stop their advance.

“I gave my son this name from my heart. I will never change this name,” the shy 35-year-old said in a refugee camp in Suruc, just inside Turkey.

“He dispatched planes, aid for us. Because of his help maybe we will get rid of this cruelty and get back to our homes,” she said, cradling her three-day-old son…