Gee, another TDSB scandal? A ‘big fish’ seeks a seat at the Toronto District School Board

“…In March, 2011, an official school board delegation flew to Beijing to recruit students from China to study at public schools in Toronto. The group included Mr. Bolton and Mr. Quan, then associate director of education. At some point during the trip they were joined by Mr. Papathanasakis.

Neither Mr. Papathanasakis, Mr. Bolton nor Ms. Quan have explained how it came to be that someone with no role at the school board joined the delegation. Mr. Papathanasakis attended some official meetings, according to a former school board official who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

In response to questions from The Globe, Ms. Quan provided a one-sentence statement that said Mr. Papathanasakis “did not serve the TDSB in any capacity.” Mr. Papathanasakis would only say the purpose of his trip “was to visit a friend.”

Do read this. The TDSB is worse than we can imagine.

h/t DM