Explaining the Roots of Islamic Terror

War is hateful, but when pitted against murderous aggressors, war must be fought.

Northwestern Europe has not learned the lesson of the Chamberlain path to World War II. The U.K., Sweden, Norway, and France are so concerned about the voting choices of their Muslim minorities and so frightened by Muslim terrorists that they are willing to do anything for Muslim support. In violation of the Oslo Accords, some European countries have now recognized a Palestinian state. That may win votes from Arabs and other Muslims, but it will not deter terrorists.

Hoping for peace, these nations try hard to be multicultural; but this is exactly what Muslim fundamentalists hate. Beyond Israel and Jews, terrorist groups like Hamas aim to destroy all who do not believe in their way of thinking and governance – including tolerant and moderate Muslims.

The Muslim terrorists Europe wants to placate are radical in the classical sense. They want to return to their roots: seventh and eighth century Islam, replete with conquest, beheading, maiming, lashing, and the stoning of adulterers and infidels. The U.K. has opened a path within its borders in that direction, accepting some Sharia law for its Muslim residents…