White House security dogs Hurricane and Jordan hailed heroes after they took down intruder who brutally kicked them in the head

Guard dog Jordan.

Meet Hurricane and Jordan, the heroic security dogs who thwarted Wednesday’s White House intruder.

The brave Belgian Malinois have returned to work after being treated for minor bruises following the incident, in which Dominic Adesanya, 23, hopped over the north fence and sprinted across the lawn in a bid to reach the executive mansion. President Obama was inside at the time.

But as footage shows, Adesanya had no chance when faced with Hurricane and Jordan – who swiftly reached him and stopped him in his tracks.

Even when he brutally kicked one of the dogs and punched the other, they didn’t let go, preventing him from reaching the first family.

They were treated for minor bruises and have now headed back to work, the Secret Service said…