Socialist Worker: The fearleaders for war

Over the past six months, the reactionary forces that call themselves the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) won a series of stunning military victories in both countries; carried out massacres and rapes of thousands as part of a war on religious and ethnic minorities; and released a series of chilling videos of the beheadings of Western journalists and aid workers.

The rise of ISIS could be the occasion for political leaders and the media to acknowledge how the violence and oppression unleashed during U.S. wars and occupations have mutated and re-emerged in new and horrible ways. Or they could inject a fresh dose of Islamophobia into the public bloodstream to build support for more war.

Cue the racist panic.

The B-list celebrity bigots from the Bush era are seizing the moment. Former New York City Mayor and Republican presidential hopeful Rudolph Giuliani led a protest outside the performance of an opera whose creators had the audacity to portray both terrorists and their victims as three-dimensional characters.

Bill O’Reilly used his show to sound the old Fox News alarm that many Muslims support “sharia”–which Islamophobes claim is a sinister legal code for Muslim domination, but in fact is a broad set of ethical principles roughly similar to “living a good Christian life”…

Sharia is equivalen to “living a good Christian life”? Sharia approves of stoning adulterers, specifically ruled out in the New Testament. Sharia approves of polygamy. Of marrying girls as young as nine. I could on and on, but the Socialist Worker is clearly grossly ignorant.

But, like Islam, Socialism likes to tell people what to do, even if they have to back it with violence and prison. But it didn’t help the Communists in Iran. They threw their weight behind getting rid of the Shah, but Khomeini hunted them down and killed or imprisoned them once he gained control.

Socialist Worker is not only ignorant about Islam, it is ignorant of recent history.