Several Quebec columnists link Ottawa attack to multiculturalism

A columnist who went to prison for his involvement in an FLQ kidnapping is linking multiculturalism to the killing of two soldiers this week.

So are two other Quebec commentators.

The incidents, says Jacques Lanctôt, show the importance of banning people who wear religious symbols from working in the public service to “force newcomers to adhere to our fundamental values,” writes the Quebecor online columnist, who makes no mention of his own involvement in the kidnapping of James Cross, for which he spent three years in prison.

He says religious fanatics are invading our public spaces with a crusade to bring the Muslim religion to Quebec. And, multiculturalism and accommodations have led Canadians to say nothing “to not be accused of racism, xenophobia or Islamophobia.”

Le Devoir’s Lise Payette dips her toe in the issue by asking what type of children Quebec will have after being cared for by daycare workers who wear a Muslim head-covering “where women submissive to Islam, submissive to men and perhaps convinced to have the absolute truth about our society become role models?”…

They start off on the wrong note by featuring the FLQ columnist first—to make the position sound as bad as possible. Standard liberal left technique. Read it all.