Limbaugh: Liberals Feel Sorry for the “Lone Wolf” Terrorists They’ve Created

We were told yesterday — not only by Canadian authorities, but repeated by American media — turns out to not have been totally true, folks…

…Something else that we have learned here — and so much for the media’s narrative that Abdul Zehaf… That’s his preferred name, by the way: Abdul Zehaf. So much for the narrative that he was a recent convert to the religion of peace. He wasn’t recent. He’d be a convert to the religion of peace for quite a while now. It’s funny how little details like this slip out. This comes in a very long piece in the Vancouver Sun — and this piece, I kid you not, is supposed to make us feel sorry for Mr. Abdul Zehaf because he was a crackhead.

He wanted to go straight.

Did you hear that yesterday? He was a crack addict, and there are about 30 tear-soaked paragraphs here. After his long, hard struggle against crack addiction, we finally hear a little more about his terrorist connections. He was reading online posts calling for attacks on Canada, but we aren’t supposed to believe he was a jihadist. He was just a long-suffering crackhead who wanted to go straight and the system let him down. That’s what they’re trying to convey today. It was a lone wolf; he was not a lone wolf.

He was not a lone wolf in any way, shape, manner, or form.

This then takes us to the hatchet suspect back to New York, and once again we’re being told that this guy is a lone wolf, and he’s a one-off. It turns out that that is not the case…

Read the Vancouver Sun article yourself. It does not exactly make me feel sorry him, but it does give more insight into this person. He seemed like an all-round loser. With a bad temper. A perfect fit for Islam. I am not sure it is fair to say that liberals created him—he was more likely born this way.

Like some of the other “lone wolves” he could not function in our society. I have said this before: our society is complex, perhaps these people would have done better in Stone Ages, in a hunter-gatherer tribe, even in an early agricultural society, but what are we supposed to do now?

I strongly suspect these people are born with these vulnerabilities (tendency to addiction, bad temper, being a loner—we can no more change such traits than we can make the sun rise in the west).

I have come to this conclusion after much reading about what is genetic and what is affected by our environment. Basic personality traits such as I mentioned above appear to genetic. If you doubt me, a good place to start is The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature (Steven Pinker).