Islam and Media Lies Dominate Toronto School Trustee Candidates’ Debate

The people of Toronto are blessed to live in a dull city. Most of the catastrophic events that the local fighters for social justice lament are nothing more than a tempest in a teapot. Even the municipal elections most often have been a yawning experience. Things started to change only after the rise of Rob Ford, when the hysterical reaction of the Toronto Left sounded like the gobbles of a whole turkey farm in panic.

But even then I couldn’t imagine that a school trustee election could provoke the same passionate reaction. It wasn’t just the corruption and incompetence of the Toronto District School Board (like the plagiarism of its chairman or the Nazi methods they tried to use against one of the trustees or the accommodation of Muslim fanaticism in at least one of its schools). The clash in Ward 10 came from promoting Ausma Malik, a Muslim candidate with questionable past and views, who nevertheless was the favourite of the NDP elite.