‘F**k that Sexist Sh*t’ Little Girls Curse America’s Gender Bias

Remember the FCKH8 campaign for gay rights?

The organization is back with a new video.

This time, it’s filled with adorable little girls wearing princess costumes, but there is absolutely nothing adorable about their inconvenient truths concerning sexism in the United States.

These young ladies drop the F bomb and curse their way through a series of facts concerning the state of women in the country… 

In my opinion these “activists” are exploiting these young girls. They are far too young to understand the subject and must have coached.

In any case, fresh from reading stories about the nightmare of Islamic State, I find it hard to get worked up about “sexism” in the West. Do not misunderstand me — there is some hideous violence against women in the West by their husbands and boyfriends — but this exists the world over. It like criminals and psychopaths. They will always be with us at a certain level.

But the way “feminists” in the West carry on, whilst Islamic State is distributing virgin Yazidi girls to their fighters, frankly makes me sick. They won’t criticize Islamic State because it is happening outside the West.

Well f**k them! For exploiting these young girls. For never speaking about Islam and women.