‘Chemical’ Attack on Canadian, Belgian and German Embassies in Turkey?

NB Google translate: Consulate in Istanbul received an envelope sent to them containing “yellow dust” has alarmed the police. AFAD teams, Germany, Canada and the Consulate General of Belgium is inspected. AFAD said in a statement, “According to information received from the Consulate General, the first person who opens the envelope, directly and indirectly in the same environment as the material is exposed to six people,” he said. These developments last year in the United States to mind the poison letters brought panic.

More: ‘Suspicious’ letter sent to three embassies in Istanbul

Canadian Consulate in Istanbul has called in Turkish investigators to check a suspicious package which arrived at the building Friday.

Security officials at the consulate in the Levent district notified the Turkish authorities after a letter containing an unknown yellow substance was detected.

Turkish emergency workers have also been reported at Belgian Embassy near the city’s landmark Taksim Square. Other consulates are reviewing their security arrangements.

A statement from Turkey’s emergency management agency said a chemical, radiology and nuclear team had been dispatched to the Canadian office to inspect the package.