Canada: Muslim community devastated by attacks and worried about backlash

Some Muslim organizations across the country say this week’s attacks are devastating and do not reflect their understanding of Islam.

“Besides all the pain, the horror and the sympathy for the people who’ve been killed, we have this additional burden of people doing it in the name of Islam,” Alia Hogben, the executive director of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women said.

“We’re very worried about the backlash, we don’t know how to make people understand that we have nothing to do with this kind of ideology,” Haroun Bouazzi, a spokesperson with the Association of Muslim and Arabs for a Secular State in Quebec said…

…The organizations say Muslims should be seen as allies for Canadian security, not enemies, because they may see radical behaviour and alert authorities…

So far I haven’t heard of any spectacular backlash. Just the usual bully bloggers and their readers.

The dude from the “Secular State” organization may be an OK guy — excuse the tag if so.  I have not heard of the organization before.