Ain’t Multiculturalism Grand? RCMP Chief in so many words… Too many Jihadis to watch

“Before this week’s attacks, Jeff Yaworski, the deputy operations director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, told a Senate committee that CSIS had to “prioritize” its active monitoring of individuals saying there were “limited resources.”

“We’re sitting down with CSIS and re-evaluating all of our individuals to make sure that those that present the greatest risk are assessed and have resources attributed to them,” Paulson said Thursday, adding that there were no “imminent arrests.”

“I’ve had people suggesting on our high-risk travellers, why don’t you just put surveillance on them all, 24 hours a day?” Paulson said, adding that 250 officers had been seconded to RCMP national security investigations recently. “Okay, but there’s not going to be anybody else doing anything else.”

Thanks Mr. Government! Mohammedan Mass Immigration was a swell idea!

I suspect the problem is much larger than CSIS et al are willing to admit publicly.

That’s why we have been placed in the situation of receiving our “news” from US source leaks.

We have created, or rather successive governments have allowed, this problem to fester and grow for many years now.

Unfortunately innocent people will have to pay with their lives for the government’s immigration and multiculturalism policies.