Vienna: Protest against Islamization with Mozart

(Photo: a class shot from one the “International Schools” in Vienna of the type referred to in the post)

On October 22, 2014 activists of the identitarian movement (Identitären Bewegung)* protested in Vienna against against the dismissal of a music teacher from the Islamic private Al Azhar International School in Floridsdorf, Austria.

Press release of IB Wien (International Baccalaureate, Vienna):

In Vienna the Al Azhar School has recently caused a sensation. Music lessons have been sabotaged there and the music teacher let go on account of the parents because music in Islam is considered “haram” (forbidden).

According to former teacher, 50% of the children would like to become jihadis. Many said against him [the teacher]: “We may as Muslims kill those who are not Muslims.”

To take a stand against the increasing Islamization of Austria, which is confirmed by incidents such as this, [the protesters] played music at the main entrance of the school for a few minutes: they played Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nachtmusik and Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.

Complaints by the school management were not long in coming.

“Those who reject Mozart’s music, have no place in the music capital of Vienna,” said IB—Vienna chairman Martin Sellner.

In addition, the identitarian movement calls for the withdrawal of public rights from state-approved educational institutions of all Islamic private schools in Vienna.

It cannot and must not be that brood cells of radical Islam are in the Austrian capital and the state watches and even encourages its gravedigger.

From Politically Incorrect. Translated from German. I do not know what “public rights” refer to — might be connected to funding or something. No doubt the government is knee-deep in “multicultural” experiments like this.

*Identitarian movement: The word has not caught on in the Anglo world, but it is used on the continent. I found this definition on the web:

Identitarian is a term used to refer to a European New Right movement and its sympathizers. It holds the preservation and development of ethnic and cultural identity as its central ideological principle, and criticises the state of the contemporary West.

Identitarianism has its roots in France, but has also spread to Scandinavia and other parts of Europe.