U.S. weighs passport, border changes in wake of Ottawa attack

Armed RCMP officers approach Centre Block on Parliament Hilll following a shooting incident in Ottawa October 22, 2014.

(Reuters) – U.S. officials are debating whether to tighten controls on the border with Canada and make it easier to revoke the passports of suspected militants, steps that could gain traction following two attacks in Canada this week.

The officials cautioned on Thursday that the discussions are in preliminary stages and that no immediate action appeared likely by either U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration or Congress.

While there was no specific evidence of a new threat in the United States, federal and state authorities were on a heightened state of alert following a gunman’s attack in Ottawa on Wednesday and another by an assailant in Quebec on Monday.

One official familiar with the matter said a main topic of discussion has been whether some northern border posts which are unmanned – but guarded by electronic sensors and alarms – should now be staffed with live personnel…

But the situation at the Mexican border will not change. After all, future Dem voters are not trying to cross in the US from Canada, are they?  If a few terrorists use the Mexican route, well, we will deal with it when it happens.