ISIS Attack in Canada: Inspired by Online Al Qaeda Magazine?

A supporter of the Islamic State terrorist group in Canada was shot dead yesterday after hitting two soldiers in Quebec with a car, killing one. He was shot after he brandished a knife. The terrorist may have been inspired by an English-language Al-Qaeda magazine released in 2013…

Rouleau may have gotten the idea for this style of attack from the spring 2013 issue of Al-Qaeda’s English-language Inspire magazine. It is titled, The Lone Mujahid Pocketbook and it has detailed suggestions for “individual jihad;” attacks that can be carried out by a single individual. It also has tips for avoiding detection, such as using encrypted communications…

The magazine recommends attacking Westerners with vehicles. One section recommends creating “the ultimate mowing machine” by obtaining a pickup truck and attaching sharpened blades to the front.

Other ideas in the widely-distributed magazine include:

  •  Starting fires in forests, plantations and houses
  •  Torching parked vehicles
  •  Using lubricated oil to cause car crashes on highways
  •  Using nails to create “tire-bursters” to cause car crashes
  •  General bomb-making techniques and shooting tips
  •  Creating chemical or mechanical explosions in buildings

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