Kenya to Denmark: Keep your refugees

Two opposition parties’ proposals to send refugees back to where they came from has been slammed by Kenyan officials as “condescending and ridiculous”, according to Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation.

“It almost borders on racism. Why would they want to bring there here from their country?” Mwedna Njoka, a spokesman for Kenya’s Interior Ministry, told the paper.

Earlier this month, opposition parties Liberal Alliance (LA) and the Danish People’s Party (DF) both presented variations on the same basic proposed solution to Denmark’s refugee influx: ship them back from whence they came.

LA’s proposal calls for Denmark to stop accepting all refugees who are fleeing from wars, with party leader Anders Samuelsen telling Jyllands-Posten that “they should be turned around at the airport, put on a plane and sent to a refugee camp in the area of where they came from.” Instead, the party suggests, refugees should be helped in Danish-run camps abroad…

One can understand the Kenyan viewpoint. Almost all the refugees are Muslims—no one wants more of them.