Hostile Shouts of ‘Zionists!’ Shut Down CNN Ferguson Broadcast

CNN reporter Sarah Sidner was prevented from broadcasting a live report on Monday night from Ferguson, Missouri by protesters who yelled that the network is controlled by “Zionists.”

Ferguson has been the site of angry, racially-charged protests over the last two months following the fatal shooting by local police of a young black man, Michael Brown.

Media website Mediaite ran the following account of Sidner’s experience with the demonstrators:

On-the-ground video from Bassem Masri shows the aftermath, in which several protesters continue berating Sidner, telling her they are “holding [her] accountable” for CNN being among a crop of outlets “lying to us since day one.”

“If we don’t get it! Shut it down!” the crowd began to chant, as Masri declares that CNN is run by “Zionists.” The cable network’s cameraman began dismantling his equipment as Sidner and staff exited the scene to a chorus of goodbyes and shouts. Several protestors threatened: “If you continue lying, we’ll come shut you down in Atlanta.”

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