Haroon at TorStar: ‘Killings of two soldiers raise troubling questions’

Haroon doesn’t even write the obligatory line that “extremists” have nothing to do with “real Islam.” He spends the whole column aggressively criticizing the RCMP and security:

Why didn’t the RCMP and other relevant security authorities see the murderous attacks on Canadian soldiers and on Parliament Hill coming? It’s a fair question, considering the following.

Authorities have known, for quite some time, that there are 90 suspected Muslim extremists in Canada who are presumed to want to join jihad abroad, perhaps in Syria/Iraq, or who have returned home after already participating in one or having tried to.

The Mounties and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service have been keeping an eye on them.

Was the person who killed a soldier at the War Memorial and then rushed into Parliament Hill Wednesday from among those being watched?

And so on. I do not read the TorStar regularly so I do know that much Haroon, except that he is a Muslim. But I think he is deflecting. Get the criticism onto security and get people’s minds off Islam.