Elder of Ziyon gets results: UNRWA wipes anti-Semitic material from its website with no explanation

Leading Jewish blogger Elder of Ziyon has again caught the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) publishing and then deleting explicitly anti-Semitic material from its website.

Wrote Elder:

Last week, I reported that the UNRWA “human rights” school website included explicit antisemitism (a copy of the document can be seen here):

The Jews in the sixth and seventh centuries promoted social corruption (1981: 39), and the claim that they are God’s chosen people demonstrates that the Jews did not know anything about human rights.

A short time later, UNRWA took down the entire website. No explanations, no apologies – just another coverup.

Yesterday, I exposed that the last remaining Arabic UNRWA school website said to students that they should clean their schools, quoting a hadith that said that Muslims should be clean – unlike Jews. (Archives here and here.)

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