Boko Haram ‘abducts dozens more women and girls’ in Nigeria the day after ceasefire raised hopes that 200 kidnapped teenagers would be freed

Dozens more women and girls have been abducted by Nigerian terror group Boko Haram a day after an apparent ceasefire was announced, it was reported today.

Nigeria’s military and president last week raised hopes that 200 schoolgirls snatched by the Islamic militants in April would be returned as a result of the truce.

But fighting has continued and there is still no word as yet on the whereabouts of the teenagers.

The extremists attacked three north-eastern towns on Saturday and raised their flag in a fourth village, rounding up women and girls, according to locals.

People who escaped this week from Bama, a town in a part of northeastern Nigeria where Boko Haram has declared an Islamic caliphate, say hundreds of residents are being detained for allegedly breaking the group’s strict version of Sharia law.

Residents who got out of Bama said so many people have been detained by Boko Haram that the local jail is overcrowded and houses are being used as makeshift prisons…