Bill Maher, Ben Affleck & ISIS

An excerpt from a rather disjointed column at HuffPo:

In the confrontation between Maher and Affleck what we encounter is the very crisis of a media-saturated society looking for the next ‘hit’. We live now, in nothing less than the society of the spectacle.

We all want the hype of the circus. We want to feel involved. We all want to be activists, philosophers, actors, and X-Factor champions.

We want to be told what to believe, this is why the debate is so popular, people don’t want to think outside of it, people don’t want to realize their own implicit participation in something like Islamophobia, it might mean we have to change something.

The first paragraph was about capitalism and private property, then it jumped to the above, taking a swipe at Fox news on the way.

But these quotes caught my eye, because — at least in my case — they could not be less true. I do not want to be an activist, philosopher, actor or X-Factor champion!

The opposite is true. I wish that 9/11 had never taken place. At the time, I was working, with the kids growing up, amusing myself in the evenings studying ancient Greek and working on cross-stitching. But 9/11 was so dramatic I had to start reading about politics and the Middle East and, sadly, Islam itself.

But it does not bring me pleasure. I wish Mohammed had never been born. I detest Islam and its violence and hatred.

But now I feel that I must keep following the situation. I cannot relax and forget about foreign affairs, as I did before 9/11.

I would be much happier if I was still amusing myself with cross-stitching and other harmless pleasures, not following the news like an addict and even blogging about.

As for my “implicit participation in something like Islamophobia” I can only wonder if the author has read as much and followed the news as carefully as I have.  He sounds like knows nothing and is mindlessly repeating leftist slogans.