An Eyewitness Recalls Hearing the Ottawa Shooter Yell “For Iraq”


An eyewitness to Wednesday’s shooting of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was killed while standing guard at the National War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, says he heard the shooter yell ‘for Iraq’.

Hayden Trenholm, a policy advisor for N.W.T. Senator Nick Sibbeston, says he was on the plaza at the war memorial when he heard the first shot. 

“It was very loud,” Trenholm said, adding that he was about 12 metres away from the shooter. “I actually thought, when I first heard it, that it was some sort of ceremonial event.”

Trenholm says he then turned towards the area where he heard the shot come from and says he saw a man wearing a scarf with a rifle over his shoulder.

Trenholm says in total, he heard four shots go off as he followed one soldier dressed in uniform who was running.

“Then I saw the solider [Cpl. Nathan Cirillo] on the ground, not moving.”

Trenholm says there were about 10 people just standing in the area around the soldier, not moving, no one saying anything. 

And then he says the man with the rifle — who Trenholm describes as having tanned skin and long, dark hair — pulled down his scarf, held his rifle one-handed over his head and yelled ‘for Iraq’.

If this is true, it should put to rest other rumours about his behaviour.