SermonGate: The Bigotry of Tolerance in Houston

The Houston Mayor’s office may have been caught up in a First Amendment violation; seriously? Is it possible that the attorneys that represent the city of Houston simply overreacted in subpoena-ing sermons from the 5 ministers? Perhaps the summoning of the sermons proclaims something more fundamentally problematic… incompetence.

The beckoning of the words on paper is just another step in the incremental process of silencing Christians. I find it fascinating that the people of Houston vote in a Mayor who is open about her GLBT lifestyle and then clamor about her perceived intolerance towards people of faith. The inquisition of sermons doesn’t surprise me at all; I expect it.

The so-called gay rights movement has been shouting for years that they collectively have been treated with intolerance by bigots. There have been charges of hate speech, which is now criminal in most places, made against Christians…