Runaway Teens’ Alleged ISIS Aspirations A ‘Shock’ To Colorado Muslim Leader

unnamedHafedh Ferjani (credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Three Colorado teenage girls are back home with their families after flying overseas allegedly in an effort to join the terror group ISIS.

The girls are between the ages of 15 and 17 and an acquaintance of their families says they attend Overland High School in Aurora.

As their cross-continent trip makes national headlines, the head of the Colorado Muslim Council says the news comes as a surprise.

“I was shocked because, according to our prediction we thought that the boys were easy targets. To our surprise the girls were easy targets,” council chairman Hafedh Ferjani told CBS4.

Ferjani said he hopes the parents, who originally reported the girls as runaways, will convince them not to try something similar again.

“I’m hoping that the parents will do their share and talk to their kids,” he said…