Kurds spoof Islamic State as sex-crazed morons

An Iraqi Kurdish television station joined the battle against the Islamic State with a parody music video mocking the terrorist organization as a band of sex-crazed morons.

“We are bearded, dirty and filthy…We are brainless with nothing in our heads,” sing actors dressed as IS militants who play air guitar on prop rifles, pretend sword fight, and play with skulls.

“We are ISIS, we milk the goat even if it is male,” they sing while dancing around a studio against a backdrop of the notorious black and white Islamic State flag.

“Our music is without rhythm. And our leader is called Qaqa,” the mock Islamists chant. “Our pockets are full of Qatari money. Our language is bullets and cutting.”

The video also pokes fun of the group’s primitive interpretation of Islam by singing how the militants want to bring “history to the present,” and how they “strive for jihad and sex.”

The satirical video was broadcast by KurdSat TV and was translated by MEMRI, the Middle East Media Research Institute, a US-based watchdog group, and posted online October 12…