Islamic Volksgeist

The deeper theological roots in the narrative and identity of peoples explains behavior and politics in the Middle East and around the globe…

…Our worldview is intuitively wired by embedded religious incentives. Religion has been moderated and replaced by worldview and psychology.

Many of us are not only saddened and defensive about the hatred we inevitably notice from Islamists in the West, we are also baffled by it. It is confusing that hostile Islamic protest in Europe and America are just tolerated, and it is bizarre to see irreligious nominal Muslims act in a similar manner. One reason is the natural effect of religion. Politicians in Muslim populations speak to the masses using popular rhetoric, touching the deeper intuition that is defiance and dissent towards the West. This dogmatic and hostile worldview may be traced to the rhythm of Islam, which literally means “wholeness” or “perfection”:

There can be no truth outside of Islam, Islam cannot ever be wrong and to suffer defeat is unfathomable.

We could say that Islamism is the apparent volksgeist of Muslim society…

*Note: volksgeist means literally “spirit of the people.”