How Not To Respond to the Ottawa Shootings: No Islamophobia

…International affairs commentator Hayes Brown tweeted:

Even more direct was Alex Kane, tongue firmly on cheek:

Unsurprisingly, the Islamophobes have come out of their Twitter holes:

In the coming days, as more facts emerge about the shooting, we will likely find increased instances of Islamophobia rearing its ugly head. We will also likely find the popular discourse increasingly polarized around issues ranging from gun laws to immigration to religious extremism to Canadian foreign policy in conflict zones to relations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Certainly, Islamophobia must be quashed at every turn. And the polarization around policy issues will no doubt be discomfiting. But at these times there also emerges an opening for deep and reasoned debate about issues that some will want to bat away as irrelevant to the matter at hand. Some might feel that they are a distraction from the hatred that has sprouted up in our midst…

It is Islam that is problem not his ethnicity. The National Post reports he is a criminal who might have been born as Michael Joseph Hall.