Saint-Jean: An RCMP officer attended the same mosque

Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau prayed at the only mosque in Saint Jean (pictured) for a little less than a year.

Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau went to the Mosquée al-Iman de Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu “about three times a week,” but had ceased to attend in the last two months, according to the president of the association that manages the place of worship.

At least one RCMP officer was attending the same mosque and was keeping an eye on Rouleau, added Abdel Hamid Bekkari [the mosque President]. This officer – of Moroccan ancestry – “lives with us in Saint-Jean,” spoke with Rouleau “on many occasions,” and “had his file.” He did not want to name him. This information was confirmed by two other mosque regulars… (French)

Related: At least one radical imam, Hamza Chaoui, has been invited as a speaker at this mosque attended by the murderer and the RCMP officer. Point de Bascule has produced articles about Hamza Chaoui, for example, here. (English)

Point de Bascule: File Hamza Chaoui

Hamza Chaoui has also promoting stoning and other Islamic punishments but the articles in the above file are in French.