Rev. Jim Wallis to White Christians: ‘You Can’t Say You’re Not a Racist if You Accept and Support Systems That Clearly Are’

The Rev. Jim Wallis (pictured) is sending a powerful “wake-up call” to white Christians who are refusing to fight back against a “racialized police system.”

Wallis and other faith leaders and social activists were recently arrested during another slew of peaceful protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Ferguson has been the site of many marches, rallies and demonstrations after 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally shot multiple times in August by white police officer Darren Wilson, despite Brown allegedly having his arms up in surrender prior to several shots being fired.

The white theologian said he has had enough of the racist systems in America that have placed targets on the backs of African-Americans, especially young Black men.

Wallis sat down with HuffPost Live on Monday to express his concerns that white Christians aren’t doing their part in deconstructing a racist police system and other racist policies…