Never mind flying cars. I want my food pills!


Kathy Shaidle’s NEW Taki’s column:

Getting up to shift the laundry from the washer to the dryer actually provides a welcome break. But if I leave the clothes in the dryer after the cycle ends, they won’t burst into flames.

Whereas I resent being the clock’s kitchen slave. Knowing I have to jump up in 20 minutes to turn or stir something or other leaves me with 19 minutes to stew about that looming 20th.

But meals in capsule form? I could scarf those down without ever leaving my desk. I could get more work done. Make more money. Whatever satisfaction I experience after polishing off a big, tasty meal (ideally, prepared by someone else) simply can’t compare to the sweet sensation of hitting “send” on an assignment, or getting a big check in the mail.

Does Rob Rhinehart have a solution…?