Muslim students have few food options at U of Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Some Muslim students at the University of Minnesota need to use extreme caution to ensure the food options at campus eateries don’t conflict with their religious beliefs.

Minnesota Public Radio News ( ) reports University Dining Services is now considering whether to expand food options and begin catering to students who follow a halal diet. Some students who are Muslim and choose to follow a halal diet have reported concerns over food items being tainted by utensils that have touched pork products during the preparation process.

Cawo Abdi, an assistant professor of sociology, says some Muslims follow a halal diet more strictly than others. The diet mainly regulates the consumption of meat and animal byproducts. It forbids pork and alcoholic beverages.

Only a few restaurants near the U of M campus currently serve halal-certified meat…

Next comes halal food services at the university for the deprived Muslims who did not have come here in the first place.