Mass immigration critic Sir Andrew Green joins House of Lords

David Cameron has appointed Sir Andrew Green, a former diplomat who has repeatedly warned about the dangers of mass migration, to the House of Lords.

Sir Andrew, the head of the think tank MigrationWatch, has since 2001 campaigned against what he regards as unacceptably high levels of immigration to Britain. He will sit as a crossbencher in the House of Lords.

Downing Street said he was receiving a peerage in recognition of his 35-year career in the Diplomatic Service and his contribution to the debate about migration.

It comes as Mr Cameron mulls new measures to curb migration from the European Union, a campaign that will put him on collision course with Brussels.

Sir Andrew’s appointment is likely to be read as a signal of the Prime Minister’s determination to resolve the issue…

Related: Sir Andrew Green deserves his peerage, and his attackers owe him an apology: David Cameron’s decision to elevate Sir Andrew Green, founder of MigrationWatch, to the peerage has been sulphurously denounced. Kevin Maguire, political commentator on the Daily Mirror, demonstrated how hopelessly out of touch he is with his working-class readers by labelling the appointment “rancid”. By contrast Patrick Wintour, political editor of The Guardian, demonstrated yet again his uncanny synchronicity with Guardian readers by attacking Sir Andrew as “the man that ‘studies’ migration numbers for tabloids to regurgitate”. The Labour Party says the move smacks of “desperation”. Even Ian Birrell of the Daily Mail called Sir Andrew’s views “vile”.

Others have accused Cameron of attempting to appease Ukip. The truth is different. Wherever you come from on the political spectrum, there is no doubt that Sir Andrew is one of the most morally courageous people in British public life. He founded Migration Watch in 2001. Back then, it was quite impossible to have a rational discussion about immigration. Even to raise the issue invited accusations of being a racist…

A peerage for the man who dared to talk about immigration: The peerage conferred upon Sir Andrew Green, the founder of MigrationWatch, is a well-deserved accolade for an individual who dared to raise a subject no one else wanted to talk about.

The forecast was rubbished by the Home Office, Labour politicians and Left-leaning newspapers. Sir Andrew was accused of scaremongering and of massaging the figures.

But official statistics have subsequently shown that he was not only right but too cautious. Migrationwatch researchers exposed the rapidly accelerating trend that began when Labour came into office and took off at the beginning of the last decade.

In 1997, net migration was about 50,000 a year, a level at which it had consistently remained for about two decades before that. Since then immigration to this country has been running at levels unprecedented in our history. You may argue this is a good thing or a bad thing. But without knowing what is happening it is impossible to reach any meaningful conclusion…