Invaders, I mean migrants storm UK-bound lorries at Calais

About 300 migrants tried to force their way into lorries queuing outside the port of Calais to board ferries for England on Monday, police said.

“The migrants tried to storm a long line of lorries backed up on the motorway outside Calais,” said a police union spokesman, Gilles Debove.

“Police fired tear gas to deter them, but some still managed to climb into the lorries,” Mr Debove said. “The officers on duty were overwhelmed and called in reinforcements from Boulogne.”

He said any migrants hiding in the lorries would be detected by scanners in the port and removed before the vehicles boarded ferries.

“The migrants took advantage of the fact that dozens of lorries were stationary on the motorway just over a kilometre from the port,” Mr Debove said. “This was an unusually big influx but the migrants regularly head for any lorries they see in a traffic jam. They’re going further away from the port to try to avoid police at the entrances.”

Calais has received a huge influx of migrants in the past six months as Eritreans, Sudanese, Afghans and others have converged on Calais to attempt to cross to Britain…