Australia: Perth franchise receives “flood” of online abuse for selling halal beef

A franchisee from Perth has spoken out about how his restaurant receives “a flood” of online abuse for selling halal beef.

Peter – who wished to only be identified by his first name because he fears the abuse will intensify if online trolls can identify him and his franchise – told SmartCompany his business has copped significant online backlash from anti-halal campaigners. This is despite the restaurant only selling some halal options and not being halal certified.

“It happens every week and it can be quite intense,” Peter says.

“We’ve got a restaurant that provides halal beef and the majority of people don’t know and understand what that is. When these people strike, you’re talking hundreds.”

The restaurant has been operating for two years, and Peter says anti-halal campaigners have targeted the business for the past two months. Comments on the franchise’s Facebook page have ranged from “NEVER support terrorism NEVER” to “You should be serving Australian Meat [sic] with Australian standards not this halal bullshit … Un Australian [sic] in every way”…