The Resurgence of Islamophobia

Ever since the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks on the United States, the treatment and portrayal of Muslim-Americans, and Muslim people in general for that matter, has grown more and more negative. “Islamophobia,” or the “fear” of both the religion and the people that practice it, has increased in light of the rise of the already infamous terrorist group ISIS. However, there is absolutely no reason to conflate the actions of one organization with the over one billion people that practice Islam.

Many have leveled criticism against even the simple use of the term “Islamophobia,” missing the point entirely. While it’s certainly true that Islamophobia is not an actual psychological disorder along the lines of actual diagnosable phobia, the purpose of the term itself is to simply serve as a media-friendly buzzword. After all, Islamophobia is a more readily digested word as compared to “theotheringofandbigotryandprejudiceagainstMuslimpeopleinWesternsocietyandmediaespeciallytheoneswhodonot’blendin’becauseoftheirwearingofhijabsburqasturbansetc.” See? That’s migraine-inducing, even if it is more accurate.

As hard as it is to fathom, talking heads on mainstream media have directly called for religious profiling against Muslim-Americans…