Media consortium takes on Tories

When I coined the phrase “the Media Party,” I didn’t mean that the liberal groupthink in the media is a conspiracy.

It’s subconscious–it’s that journalists are a monoculture. They’re usually from the same social circles, with the same backgrounds and biases.

But a bombshell access to information document released this month shows senior executives at the CBC, CTV, Global and CityNews actually do have secret conversations, and send confidential e-mails to each other, co-ordinating and manipulating their policies.

And while they used a Justin Trudeau clip as an example, the broadcasters seek to protect all of their broadcasts from use in political ads.

In that 137-page document, these media executives call themselves the “Consortium,” and they are led by Jennifer McGuire, the head of news for the CBC.

The reason McGuire assembled the Consortium is made clear in the documents — stamped “confidential” in 38 different places.

The CBC was upset that the Conservative Party was running TV ads criticizing Justin Trudeau’s soft-on-terrorism policies.