McGill: No space to pray

On top of balancing academics and student life, Muslim students on campus face the extra challenge of constantly searching for alternative prayer spaces. In 2005, the University removed the existing prayer room in the basement of Peterson Hall, citing its secular mandate as an academic institution. With the McGill administration unwilling to offer any assistance, SSMU offered a temporary space in the Shatner building for the Muslim Student Association (MSA) to use as a prayer room.

The room remains a less than ideal space, with its limited access, poor sound insulation – try meditating with the Top 40 songs being blasted from Gerts – and lack of washroom facilities to make ablution. When the building is closed or access is limited, such as during Activities Night and other events, Muslim students are left with no viable alternatives…

Heartbreaking story, isn’t it? Maybe they should not go to McGill at all.