In pro-Palestine Sweden, ‘far-right’ Jewish lawmaker embraces Israel

Kent Ekeroth (pictured) sits in the parliament in Stockholm for the far-right Sweden Democrats, the country’s second-largest opposition party. He’s a proud Swedish nationalist who agitates against leftists, liberals and Muslim immigrants.

Ekeroth is also Jewish, a frequent visitor to and staunch supporter of the State of Israel, and as such, was opposed to his government’s announcement earlier this month to unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state.

“We opposed this vote for several reasons. For one, it’s not the right way forward for Sweden to unilaterally recognize the Palestinians’ state without Israel’s involvement, without negotiations,” he said. “The other part is: a state is formed when a state can control its own territory. The Palestinian Authority cannot.” Worse yet, the PA formed a unity government with Hamas, he continued. “For us to recognize that — unacceptable”…

…According to his worldview, unlimited immigration to his native land is the root of all evil befalling it — including the government’s decision to recognize Palestine.

For one, the Green party, the Social Democrats junior partner in the ruling coalition, is “fiercely anti-Israel,” he said. Sweden’s new Turkish-born housing minister Mehmet Kaplan had participated in the Mavi Marmara flotilla that sought to break the Gaza blockade in 2010, he added in support of his argument.

Very few Nazis live in Sweden, and whatever anti-Semitism exists there is “an imported problem,” Ekeroth said. “We have imported anti-Semitism because of unrestricted immigration. And that’s a growing problem. Jews are leaving Malmö, they’re leaving Sweden”…